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Beautiful Player

60% through Beautiful Player by Lauren, Christina on Kindle for Android!

I’m really liking this one! It’s best of the bunch, hands down — totally appeals to the chemists daughter that I am. I completely relate to the MCs trying to assert their own identities and change preconceived notions about themselves.

It’s funny and sexy. Lots of witty banter that lacks any kind of filter between two geeks – Will, a rock star in the board room and the lab and Hanna/Ziggy, a bona fide lab rat – as the old family friends become reacquainted.

Things slowly escalate from pressing Ziggy to get out of the lab, to her confessing her sexual inexperience. She’s not virginal, she just hasn’t found a partner who makes her toes curl. She asks Will, the beautiful Player, for tips on how to become more confident, sexually.

There’s a spark between them right away, but they ignore the tingle until Ziggy puts Will’s advice into practice and goes on a couple of dates. Will surprises himself by the sudden wild jealousy.

They are working through some of their issues while having some really great sex, but there are a lot of things these two need to get out in the open. Will is trying to shed his playboy image, but Ziggy doesn’t want to completely entrust her heart to him.

This isn’t cover-to-cover smut like the last couple of books in the series. There’s a good story being told here. These characters are very well developed. Although this follows the series’ usual format, it doesn’t seem forced like some of the other books. This one is well thought out and plotted. I would love to read more about this couple. They’re my kind of people. Geeks need love too.


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