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You’ll always find me with my nose in a book (electronic or print); I set out to learn something new about my craft every day.

Over the past few years, I’ve read dozens of books on writing and editing, not to mention the many blogs I peruse each day.



Blogs: **These links are not endorsements of my skills, they are masters at whose feet I have virtually sat. 

  • Shawn Coyne The subtitle of Shawn’s site is: What Good Editors Know. And I want to be a good editor…. As a person who always wants to know how things work, The Story Grid is like an instruction manual for building a great story. Shawn’s method speaks to both sides of me: the analyst and the artist. It’s refreshing and affirming to have found Shawn’s resources.
  • Margie Lawson If you’re not fortunate enough to enroll in one of her courses, then get the transcripts! I’ve gone through five of her course transcripts and found her style is exactly in line with the type of editing I strive to provide. Her Deep Editing system is brilliant. Her psychological analysis of character is enlightening. I found myself nodding along and looking for someone to high-five. Margie gets it!
  • David Farland’s Kick in the Pants Brutally honest advice.
  • Fiction University Janice Hardy is a brilliant teacher. Her blog is a master fiction writing class. She has a knack for breaking topics down into easy-to-digest pieces for staying power.
  • Jami Gold There’s a certain analytics to Jami’s style. I love her approach to a topic; I never fail to learn something whenever I spend time on her blog. She’s a challenging instructor. I triple-dog-dare you try her beat sheets.
  • Kristen Lamb She is a goddess (in my opinion) of writing education. She brings together unique voices to present a variety of topics in a witty manner.
  • Randy Ingermanson Randy is the genius behind the “snowflake method.” His site offers a comprehensive forum for writers from crafting your story to beyond publication. Invest some time with Randy and his friends.
  • I just found this one today. It summarizes Stephen King’s “Toolbox” section of his memoir On Writing into one easy-to-follow page

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