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Industry News

Grants, Awards, and Contests: 

Be sure to READ ALL FINE PRINT when submitting to a contest or grant. There may be lengthy exclusivity clauses that would affect future publication. Make sure you know what you’re signing up for. **I do not endorse any of these contests or grants; I am simply putting these lists in one place.  I will pull a calendar together…eventually. 

Poets & Writers magazine’s  listing of grants and awards:

Writer’s Digest:

National Endowment for the Arts annual program:

Funds for Writers:

Creative Writing Contests:

Stephanie Smith: *Stephanie has done all the grunt work and put together a detailed spreadsheet of major contests. Thanks, Stephanie!

Be a Better Writer: *This page hasn’t updated in a while

Writers Views:

Swirl Awards:

Women on Writing:

Coffee and Cream Publishing:

KidLit 411:

Lee and Low Books New Voices Award:




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