My Passion's Pen

Helping to polish what your passion pens.

What We Do

Has your manuscript gone through rigorous review by your critique group? Have you pored over their suggestions and now believe you’re ready for a professional level of editing in preparation for publication?

My Passion’s Pen specializes in substantive editing but offers four types of editorial reviews:

Each manuscript is read once for content and again at the level of editorial review requested.

Editorial Review 4: Proofreading
Your manuscript has gone through rigorous revisions and is almost perfect. MPP will review for typos, misplaced and incorrect punctuation, correct word usage, syntax, and provide an updated style sheet. Editorial Review 4 DOES NOT fact check, review for plot and character consistencies or redundancies.

Editorial Review 3: Copy Editing
You’re very nearly finished with the revision process. MPP’s copyediting service will look at your manuscript from a wider angle. We will finesse your sentences to free them of filler words and other issues (ambiguity and repetition, etc.) that dilute your message. Editorial Review 4 is included as a third read-through.

Editorial Review 2: Content/Line Editing
Do you need your manuscript reviewed at a comprehensive level? MPP will read through your words for the “big picture.” We’ll point out any continuity issues with your plot, structure, and characters. We’ll refine your prose to improve pacing and clarity and suggest deletion of others that don’t support your story. Commentary and resources to support these edits are also included.

After MPP returns our edits, you will make your revisions and send your manuscript back to us. We will then provide you with Editorial Review 3 and 4.

Editorial Review 1: Developmental Editing
We will work with you to refine all aspects of your story–from character and plot to word choice and flow and all points in between. This is a collaborative effort to produce the best story possible. Your voice and vision will always be considered first. We’ll work a few chapters at a time, sending revisions back and forth for review/approval.

This is an intimate and time-consuming process that will also include all levels of editorial review and a project timeline.


Edit Blog Posts

You’ve drafted a well-crafted blog post and need an objective opinion on content that takes into consideration the author’s voice and intended audience. Proofreading is also included. Usually one-hour turnaround or less for posts under 1000 words.

Outline Creation

You supply the characters, setting, and plot. My Passion’s Pen will draft an outline that hits all beats based on genre, adding notations for emotional notes and pertinent resources to guide your writing and make drafting your next novel organized and swift.


You have a great idea but no time or know-how to bring it to life. Hire My Passion’s Pen to take your outline and characters from concept to reality. We’ll work together to turn your story idea into a publishable manuscript.

Education/Training:Professional Experience:
Over fifteen years working in education: technical, business, and copywriter; applications trainer and software beta tester; in-house proofreader for grants, courses, marketing and web content, and general correspondence, etc.

University of California, Berkeley
Columbia College, Chicago
City Colleges of Chicago
Oakton Community College
Various business, technical, and creative writing workshops
Active reader of dozens of books and blogs on writing and editing and publishing
Avid reader and reviewer of all manner of literature


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