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This Sensual R&B Version of the DuckTales Theme Song Will Be Your Favorite New Jam

Not writing-related, but these folks have taken 90s nostalgia to a whole ‘nother level. This is my new jam, y’all.

Simple Pleasures

My husband is a sweetheart. He takes such good care of me. This weekend, he provided me with my own Beauty and the Beast experience.

T: Babe, I have a surprise for you.
[Curiosity gets me, so I play along]
T: You’re gonna love it!


T: Look. [He hands me three books about writing, which to me looks and feels like he just gave me this:]

My reaction:


I love that man of mine!

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Sharing some Christmas Love


Super Cool! Creative Eye Makeup Illustrations by Tal Peleg

Creative Eye Makeup Illustrations by Tal Peleg

The Sights I See on a Sunday Afternoon


Winnie the Pooh on the back of a motorcycle. This just made my day.

Words to live by


I don’t quite get Twitter, but I’m tha

I don’t quite get Twitter, but I’m thankful for the RobPorn that fills my newsfeed courtesy of @LeJadalulu


I’ve spent the day at a diversity workshop and I’m beat.

Whenever I’m soul-weary–just plain dog tired–I turn on this clip from Blazing Saddles. I love Madeline Kahn. What a comedic genius.

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