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‘Well, I’ve never heard it called that before’: Good & Bad Sex in Fiction

Stephen Carver


Telle me also, to what conclusioun
Were membres maad of generacioun
And of so parfit wys a wright y-wroght?
Trusteth right wel, they were nat maad for noght

– Chaucer, ‘The Prologe of the Wyves Tale of Bathe’ (c. 1386)

Thank you all again for such an enthusiastic response to my list of Top Ten Writing Mistakes. I’m delighted that so many writers feel that this is of value, and thank you all for liking, sharing and re-blogging. You are stars. Number Nine (‘Bad Sex’) seems to have set fire to a fair few haystacks, so, as promised, here are some further thoughts on writing about sex. Not that I have all the answers – I just have my preferences like everybody else.

Regarding Fifty Shades of Grey, it’s always difficult to know whether to laugh or cry. But when you criticise a bestseller, especially if you…

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