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9 Subconscious Things You Do When You Aren’t Being True To Yourself

Thought Catalog


1. You justify your decisions
“I’m not going to write today, because I wrote yesterday and I’m tired and I just don’t feel like writing.” Sound familiar? Every time we have to justify a reason for not doing something, we’re most likely straying from what we truly want to be doing. If you choose not to do something and feel no need to justify yourself for making that choice, then you are staying true to your own desires. However, once you start piling up reasons as to why you are ignoring what you desire to do, then you need to stop in that moment and ask yourself, “Is this fear?” Because, fear is the never-ending source of all your reasons for not doing the thing you say you want to do.

2. You get that small stirring in your gut that you ignore
When you make a decision or…

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