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AUTHORS: Three Circumtances to Let Readers Know You Share Their Frustration

This is a great post! Writers, read carefully. Are your readers frustrated? Did you do that on purpose, to illustrate your charcters’ growth? [Yeah, that’s exactly what I was trying to do. *Can you side eye yourself? ] Give this little beauty a read. Reassess your characters and how they change through your story. Are you giving too much time to characters and scenes that aren’t important to your grand design? Don’t discount your readers’ intelligence. You don’t have to give everything away.
That’s the great thing about drafts. You have unlimited tries to get it right. No story is ever truly finished, right?
Happy writing!

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

reading-books-at-home-1145735-mThis post is about annoyed readers: specifically, how we authors can “annoy” readers in a way that’s NOT annoying. Or at least, how we can annoy them in a way that they’ll accept and overlook.

Confused yet? Let me explain.

There are times when a necessary aspect of fiction might frustrate or annoy a reader; when authors know that’s the case, a great strategy to approach the troublesome point is to make it obvious that you, the author, feel the same way the reader does.

Remember: this is for necessary aspects of your work that might be annoying or troublesome.

And that is the first point I want to make. Clearly, when some part of your novel or short story is cumbersome, or frustrating, and it is possible to cut it, you cut it. If you can tone it down in any way, throw some of the focus elsewhere, you…

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