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I’m Married to a Saboteur

Like many an amateur writer, I hold a full-time job, not to mention my family obligations. I’m fortunate, though, my family fully supports my pursuits…at least in word.

Each night, once dinner and tomorrow’s lunches are made, homework checked, and baths taken, I have a few hours carved out to focus on writing. I even have this time as a recurring event in my calendar (which I share with my husband and children). They know from 8:30-11 is my time.

Tonight, I have struggled to eek out a few hundred words. Why? No, there’s no writer’s block to blame, it’s the 300 lb distraction sitting on my sofa who keeps serenading me and quoting movie lines. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have married or stayed married to the goof if I didn’t enjoy his antics. He’s cute, adorable even, and has the ability to say a single word and have me crying with laughter. I have no doubt that my manuscript will have references to I’m Gonna Git You Sucka, Anaconda, Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, Friday, and Transformers. Tomorrow, when I muster up the nerve to read what I wrote, it may have lyrics from Luther Vandross, Isaac Hayes, the Isley Brother, Kwame, and maybe some Ice Cube.

I gave up trying to write tonight when he started in on Kicking and Screaming and I choked on my hot tea while trying to control my laughter. Ironically, he’s silent as I write up this post. My little egomaniac. He only lets me write uninterrupted if it’s about him. God, I adore that man.


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