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19 Fiction and Romance Writing Contests for 2015

Darla G. Denton

19 Fiction and Romance Writing Contests for 2015

There is nothing like a writing contest to either give you confidence to move on with your writing or give you doubts! 

A writing contest, done right, will not only give you valuable feedback on what you are working on but will also give you the kind of exposure necessary to get your foot in the door with agents and publishers.

Let’s not forget the benefit of winning cash prizes as well 😉

Here is a list of just some of the writing contests offered this year.

Take a moment and browse through the list to see if there is anything that calls out to you.

Click on each name to learn about their contests fees, guidelines and prizes.


  • Some of these contests are Romance only while others are open to all genres of fiction.
  • There are also contests that are only open to those who become members of…

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