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10 Signs You’re Ignoring Constructive Criticism of Your Writing

I found this post through Write Divas and love every word.

A. C. Spahn

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She doesn’t like his book.

So somebody read your writing, and they had some things to say about it.

Bad things.

Things they thought you should *gasp* change.

Oh, the horror!

You probably think you’re good at accepting constructive criticism. You’re open-minded and willing to listen to others. But you might not be open-minded enough.

Here are ten signs that you’re ignoring constructive criticism of your writing. If you find yourself saying any of these things, you need to take a second look at your work and what people say about it.

1. “They’re not familiar with my genre.”

This is a common defense mechanism writers use when they don’t want to listen to a critic. But good writing is good writing, whether it’s a detective novel, a romance, a Christian living manual, or a paranormal scifi thriller set in 12th Century France. There are…

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