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How To Plot A Novel

Found this on Pinterest. I love the visual breakdown of plot points.

Jody Sparks Mugele

When I started writing young adult books, I found this information over at CJ Omololu’s blog, and put it into the form of a chart. It helps me visually see how elements in each box should connect. This is very basically how I plot a novel. And the only kind of outline I’ve ever used. It’s been a wonderful tool for helping me pace my books events. Plot is now one of the easiest things for me to manipulate and “fix” in my books. But it used to be one of the hardest for me. So, thank you, to CJ for this tool. I hope it helps other writers, too.

PS: Please forgive the typos within the chart. I took an image of a document, and really just don’t feel like going back at this point to fix it. I’d rather go write fiction.

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