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5 Tips For Promoting Unpublished Works on Your Author Website

I’ve been mulling these steps for my own writing. Very good advice.

Darla G. Denton

5 Tips For Promoting Unpublished Works on Your Author Website

How can a writer promote their work on their author website when they have yet to be published?

We know that author websites are the key to building a reader base and staying connected to them through behind the scenes information on the books you’ve written and up-to-date information of scheduled events and book launches.

How do you build a reader base when there is nothing to promote?

You promote your ideas!

Check out these following tips:

  1. On the home page in the header section display a virtual book shelf of your finished works. You can do this by creating a digital book cover on your own for each story and use it as a visual representation of your work until it’s published and a professional book cover is made.
  2. In the side bar of your website have counters that count down to upcoming finished pieces of work or…

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