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That Manuscript is Wrong for You

Time for some soul searching.

Bill Blume

If you’ve ever had a friend date someone who is obviously wrong for them, you know the last thing they need to do is put a ring on it. You can see it. People who spend just five minutes with that couple can see it. The only person who can’t see it, is usually the friend in the relationship.

For some writers, there are stories they shouldn’t try to live with, and they’re often equally blind to it. The signs are there of course.

That is one REALLY old-looking manuscript1. There’s no end in sight. You’ve been writing that story for three years, maybe longer. That can happen and still work, but in most cases, that story is just holding you back. Seriously. If you plan to be a professional writer, you need more than one story in you. That once brilliant idea for a book is just keeping you from writing other stories. Kick…

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