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Self-editing: 4 reasons why you must kill your darlings

Advice to take to heart and put into practice.

Carly Watters, Literary Agent

530973.stock.xchngI’m a big proponent of self-editing and teaching writers how to tackle revisions on their own. I’ve given talks to writers’ groups, presented at writers’ conferences, and blogged about it before (see below for further reading). Self-editing is the difference between a novice and and someone who has trained in their craft.

So many times I get asked “Should I hire an external editor?” And I always direct writers to teach themselves editing and revision skills before going elsewhere. It’s a life skill for a career author.

Here are my 4 Reasons Why You Must Kill Your Darlings:

1. There is only one chance to make a first impression

You want to make reading your manuscript a smooth and enjoyable experience for the reader. Edit and rewrite so that your novel begins in the right place, the stakes are high, and the plot moves quickly. When…

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