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Review: The Night Circus

The Night Circus
The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a terrific debut novel that shows the author has oodles of talent. I look forward to what else Erin Morgenstern comes up with.

I checked out the audiobook from the library and was immediately drawn in. The dramatic reading was so rich, I was lost in the narrator’s voice. Once the book was over, I felt as if I had missed something so I went and got a print copy to re-read some parts.

After digesting all that I heard (and read) and speaking with some others who had the same feelings, I have to change my initial rating from four stars to three because I’m left, even after re-reading, wanting more, but not in an “Oh, this is so amazing!” way. It’s a “That’s it?” feeling. The book is amazing, don’t get me wrong. The world of the circus is brilliant in its descriptions. I truly felt transported most of the time.

Bailey and the twins, Poppet and Widget, were some of my favorite moments, but then the book kind of ends without knowing how they all make out.

As the story progressed, I didn’t really care much about Ceclia and Marco, although the story of the challenge and their mentors is interesting, the draw is the circus and its acts. That appeal (in the world of the book and to me as a reader) is thanks in large part to Herr Theissen and the Reveurs (who deserved larger roles).

It’s a circus, so the cast is going to be huge. But the circus is the star. It is a living entity, sustained by its players and patrons–those who love it. The multiple story arcs all come together well, but I’m left knowing too much about some and not enough about others.

I really want to love this book. It is engaging and at times thrilling. Erin Morgenstern will provide the world with some lasting work, I’m confident of that.

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