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Review: Dangerous Beauty: Part One: Destiny

Dangerous Beauty: Part One: Destiny
Dangerous Beauty: Part One: Destiny by Michelle Hardin
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Based on the buzz around this book, “Dangerous Beauty” has everything I would want in a story: kick-ass female lead who is neither a shrinking violet nor wishy-washy; a male lead who is tough and tender but majorly flawed; a supporting cast who causes all sorts of mayhem; and violence, lots of violence.

“Dangerous Beauty” is the story of a mafia prince who falls in love with a hitman’s daughter. Sounds pretty awesome, plus it’s written in 3rd person!

I had such high hopes…

Sometimes books have tremendous potential, but a series of little missteps derail the entire thing. That is my experience with “Dangerous Beauty.”

There’s so much I couldn’t look past in order to rate higher, but I don’t want to come across as bashing the book or the author, so I’ll omit my crit.

I suppose most readers pick up this book for the romance, and there’s plenty of it. Well there’s plenty of sex. It isn’t graphic or anything. It’s actually quite tame in comparison to the language in the book.

The supporting cast is fun.

I understand this is the author’s first book, so I have hope her future works will be more pulled together.

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