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The Top Seven Qualities All Writers Have

When we’re staring at our documents questioning our sanity and ability, we can look to this list to remind ourselves of our power. What an affirming post!

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

How do you come back to writing and editing novels after months of working on other things?

One of my favorite things to say is that writing fiction is hard, and writing good fiction is that much harder. It takes a LOT out of you, demands a lot from you, and causes you all kinds of trouble.

Still, it’s worth it. I would never tell someone who has doubts about writing, or is wondering whether he or she should write, not to try. That’s because, regardless of what you do with you work, writing will teach you that you have these qualities. If you don’t have them, you’ll develop them.


That is, an ability to take risks and try new things. Perhaps this isn’t true of all writer, but if I waited to start writing a novel until I had all the kinks worked out and I felt comfortable with the story–if I waited until I felt “ready” to write–I’d never write at all.


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