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How to Receive a Critique

Cat Lumb: The Struggle to be a Writer

I remember the first time I ever received some feedback on my writing. It was complimentary and encouraging; it fired me up to continue writing and spurred me on. Of course, I was about eleven years old and it was my favourite teacher who had told me I had a talent for it; who was I to argue?Constructive-Criticism

Then, of course, I got older, more was expected and by the time I got to college my writing was being torn to pieces by my not-so-favourite teacher of English and I felt disheartened and discouraged. So I stopped writing.


Critique_005It took me fifteen years to start up again, properly. And when I took my shiny new story to a writing group I was grateful for the good points and shamed by the negative feedback. I realised then and there that my fellow writers had good intentions and that I had been…

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