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Advanced Craft Tips – Writer Strong

When I find a good post, I tend to gobble up as many of the author’s other pearls of wisdom as I can. This is another excellent set of guidelines to keep in mind when writing and editing.

Writers In The Storm Blog

By Laura Drake

As I get better at craft, I’m beginning to catch the nuances of good writing; things beyond the basics of POV, show don’t tell, etc. They’re more subtle and harder to spot, but I believe they can be the difference between a ‘good writer’ and a popular author.

These are only a few – Please add your tips in the comments so we’ll all learn more, won’t you?

1. Unnecessary thoughts.Something happens – your character has a thought about it – someone speaks – your character has another thought. It breaks up and slows the scene, and it doesn’t add enough to warrant the break. Example:

When he stepped out, he had no smile for her. He avoided meeting her gaze. Even though his clothing was freshly pressed and his shoulders were back, he looked drained, as if he’d just run the obstacle course.

The presentation…

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