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The Two Things Authors Should Balance in Their First Handful of Scenes

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

1235996_pencil-pusherI am realizing one major reason the first few chapters of a novel are among the most difficult to edit: balancing world-building and character development that will keep readers informed (and able to understand what’s going on) with action that will keep readers interested.

That isn’t easy. For anyone.

Basically, it is tough going with my work in progress, y’all. But at least it’s going! This post is a result of me deciding I need to add yet ANOTHER scene to the very start of my novel. So I’m writing a first scene for the third time.

The other “first” scenes are still part of the novel. They’re just getting pushed back because I need to focus a little bit more, I think, on character development and also on world-building.


And I guess that’s the major take-away point I’ve come to. There is…

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