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3 Kinds of Repetition You’ll Find in Fiction

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

roundabout-1265027-mI had been trying for days to find a topic related to creative writing for my next blog post. I was running dry, possibly because I haven’t written or edited my fiction in a while, and working on my fiction usually spurs some idea I can develop on my blog.

So I was pondering, and pondering, and trying to hit on SOMETHING that might work as a blog post. Eventually, I realized my brain was taking me down the same dead-end paths again and again. And then my topic came to me:


Repetition is one of those tools that can be extremely effective when used well, and devastating when used incorrectly or overused.

How much to repeat a point, and which points to repeat, will obviously vary based upon the story and the author’s style.

My personal feelings are that a more complex story might require more repetition in…

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