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How to Write the Male POV

This is an oldie, but goodie: How to write the male POV

My stalled NaNo project wants to be a first person, male POV; I am most comfortable writing third person. Although I’m married to a wonderful man and have two sons (who are wonderful as well…most times), and no matter how much of a tomboy I am — I never have, nor will I ever be a boy.

I turn to the guys in my life and ask them questions about how they would react to certain scenarios. I watch them, especially how my children interact. My MC, Maxwell, is the eldest with a lot of responsibility on his young shoulders (an experience not too far removed from my husband’s). Although I’m not writing T’s story, Maxwell can benefit from my husband (reluctantly) explaining some of his emotions when he struggled with caring for his baby sister, attending football practice, and trying to maintain passing grades. His insight has been invaluable.

There are some undeniable traits we women have which go beyond breasts and menstrual cycles. Women (at least in my experience) have a different level of perception and diplomacy. Multitasking. Then there’s all these feelings and the need to share them. I could go on and on.

When writing from a male POV, we have to remember to draw a line between ourselves and our characters. Every character is a part of you, as the writer, but you shouldn’t be their prevailing feature. I like to write character profiles to help me learn who I am writing. These little stories blossom and grow, making my latest WIPs richer and deeper. This process helps me to walk in my character’s shoes as I write, seeing the world through their eyes. I think my manuscripts are better for it.

Julie Andrews in Victor/Victoria

Julie Andrews in Victor/Victoria


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