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More on Beautiful Beginning

88% through Beautiful Beginning by Lauren, Christina on Kindle for Android!

Yay! It’s over. I think I spent $25 in total. I would have wasted that money on fast food anyway. My goal was to see how The Office measured up as a full-fledged book. The fic was better and has scared me off from other p2p books from fanfiction authors I’d like to support. I can’t spend my money and not read the books. Conversely, I want to spend my money where I would like to spend my time–somewhere worthwhile. I sound like a snob. I know. I don’t care. That’s my truth. I have very discerning tastes, and even stronger opinions. I guess that’s why I’m writing this blog pretty much to myself. *shrugs*

In this latest installment, all the best stuff happened at the beginning of the book. The rest was cliche wedding fiascos and sappy moments. I’m not much of a romantic, nor do I care much for erotica–I was going through a phase, which now has been more than extinguished.

Recently, I had been reading up on genres and ‘women’s fiction’ with character-driven stories, real life situations, romance, and lots of conflict. I had hoped these books would have that in spades.

Not so.

Sure Chloe and Bennett fight, but it’s for no good reason except for rough sex. *yawn*

This book ends at 88% The rest are the authors’ acknowledgements and an excerpt from their next series. I started reading the excerpt, but quickly thought against going forward. I’m not the best writer or editor, but damn…I have no idea why this genre is so popular.

If anyone reads my reviews, thanks, but don’t take the highly opinionated thoughts of this woman as gospel. Erotica, romance, women’s lit, whatever you want to call it is not for me. I don’t care about sparks and orgasm counts. I want a story, one constructed with thick, rich layers like my lasagne. These little booklettes (no, not booklets) don’t provide enough sustenance for my hearty appetite. Consuming more does not satisfy; they’re fillers that leave me hungry for something they cannot provide.

The marketing of these types of books is astounding and appeals to the obsessive part of my nature where I have to know everything, even if I’m only superficially interested in a subject.

Don’t get me wrong. I applaud anyone who is out there making money and working the craft. I wish I could do that too. I’d love to edit full time. But I digress. There’s a genre out there just right for each of us. Whatever the Beautiful series, and those like it, is it just isn’t for me.


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