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Beautiful Beginning

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It’s about time these two were interesting again! I’ve been laughing, almost non stop, at Bennett and Chloe as they prepare to walk down the aisle, and Bennett’s fight to abstain until they are man and wife. Chloe just might implode if she is denied again.

This series has been just so-so, with my favorite stories being those that DON’T star Bennett and Chloe. I don’t feel they’re very well defined or removed from their fanfiction origins. The authors got me on the hook because I loved the fic, but I don’t feel like they had taken much time to develop the characters. Max, Sarah, Will, and Hanna, though, I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know.

In this one, Chloe’s chapters are reading very fanfiction-y, cliche and weakly written with an overuse of adverbs. I feel like Chloe Mills is more articulate than that, however she’s sexually frustrated, so I guess I can understand. I hope things get better, and fast.

What I did notice is they changed the formatting. Chloe’s chapters are more block lettered, while Bennett’s are a softer font. Nice change, to let the reader know there’s a change in dynamic at play.

I’m really digging Bennett Ryan in this one. His voice is unique and not just regurgitating what happened in a Chloe chapter. He’s got his own objective, and is a control freak, but he’s having a good time. He’s absolutely hilarious. Which is kind of surprising me about his character. Granted, I don’t really remember much of who he is because I became much more invested in his friends Max and Will. Bottom line: I like Bennett James Ryan. A lot.

He’s just rendered himself unconscious to avoid his very eager fiance’s advances. She’s so pissed.

So far, so good. I wonder if the authors flip-flop/alternate who writes what chapter. It seems very evident that they did in this one. Whoever writes for Bennett is a much stronger writer, knows their character very well. Perhaps Chloe isn’t the star of this book, and therefore the authors are less invested in her chapters. I’m not complaining. I’m enjoying getting to know the Beautiful Bastard. I was never much of a Chloe fan in the first place.

I’m having a good time with this installment.


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