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Beautiful Bombshell

52% through Beautiful Bombshell by Lauren, Christina on Kindle for Android!

Ugh. So boring. I really hate this aspect of my personality: if I’ve read a book from a series, I MUST read them all, regardless of how sucky it is.

I skipped out on treating myself to a sundae and purchased this book. I would much rather have the ice cream right now.

The bright side of this novella — it is a Max Stella-heavy story, although the plot just moves from one sexual encounter to the next, alternating between Bennett/Chloe and Max/Sara’s escapades in Las Vegas.

Okay…I really shouldn’t be reading this because I am not crazy about erotica or the like. However, I feel as if this is the weakest of the previous books I’ve read from the series.

I should preface this post with, I’m also reading Dark Places by Gillian Flynn after recently finishing her Sharp Objects, so I’ve been absorbed in heavier, darker works.

Beautiful Bombshell is light and cute. The biggest conflict, so far, is that these guys keep ditching Bennett’s bachelor party for trysts with their women.

I’ve got to keep reading because I hope there’s more to this story than who can come up with the more lame excuse to ditch their friends.


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