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Beautiful Bitch

28% through Beautiful Bitch by Lauren, Christina on Kindle for Android!
I’m only reading this because I loved the FF so much. The jury is out on if I like these books. They’ve gotten $6 out of me three times. I’m not a fan of the novella style/ length. This book, so far, is not engaging, mainly because of the formatting. The chapters, so far, are flashbacks and written in 99% in italics. They set up the memory and close it clearly enough, the change in format isn’t needed.


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2 thoughts on “Beautiful Bitch

  1. dpennell007 on said:

    Loved the fanfic as well, so I can’t put my finger on it – but I didn’t like the first one, and didn’t buy any more. I loved Sempre (the EP book) even though she removed some racy scenes, and I also enjoyed Animate Me (same name).


    • daphodill on said:

      I don’t quite have it in me to flounce. Curiosity always gets the better of me, I have to know how things pan out. Unfortunately, I end up wasting a lot of time that I wish I could get back.

      I did like Beautiful Stranger best of all, so far. Animate Me is in my top ten favorite fics. I have the published version, just haven’t read it yet. EP was a great fic, don’t have the book, though.


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