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Writing tip and the case of “IT”: avoid sloppy writing

I really want to be excellent at something. I’ve always been a “Jack of all trades, master of none,” type of gal. I am striving to be a solid writer and editor (look at me, all these sentences begin with “I,” which I hate, but I digress).

Always on the look out for ways creative ways to improve my work and the work of those I beta for, I peruse many a writing blog and/or website for tips. Tonight, I came across this one. I’m sure it’ll be useful to you writers out there, even in fanfiction. Writing cleanly and concisely will help your story tremendously. Moving the story along with an active voice and appropriate tone/pace will make it so much more engaging and memorable.

This article piqued my interest because it references one of my favorite movies, it offers excellent tips as well. Check it out:

Writing tip and the case of “IT”: avoid sloppy writing.


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